Data Management in Financial Services

Compliance and Volume Drive the Need for Efficiency

Data volumes are growing at an exponential rate. IDC forecasts that the global datasphere will grow to 163ZB by 2025. As a result, today's lean and highly optimized IT departments realize they will not be able to manage the onslaught of data demands placed on their business without the help of more advanced tools.

In this report by IDC, sponsored by Arkivum we posed a number of questions to IDC about Data Management within the financial services sector.

About the analysts:

Andrew Smith, Senior Research Analyst, Storage Software
Andrew contributes to a broad range of storage research, with a primary focus on archiving and data management software and services. Andrew is also responsible for tracking the revenues of leading software and cloud services providers.

Steven D'Alfonso, Research Director
Steven is a Research Director at IDC Financial Insights who is responsible for compliance, fraud, and risk analytics strategies. His coverage area includes research on technology solutions aimed at solving key issues facing financial institutions around GRC regulations, financial crime, and risk management.