Arkivum and Telemessage

Business Mobile Message Archiving

Arkivum have partnered with TeleMessage to make archiving and discovery of business mobile messaging seamless.

The TeleMessage Mobile Archiver effectively addresses compliance, regulatory, eDiscovery response requirements and reduces risk across a variety of industries. TeleMessage captures mobile content, including SMS, MMS, calls and chats from corporate or BYOD mobile phones.

Comply with GDPR, FINRA, MiFID II & Public Record regulations:

  • Capture, retain and preserve mobile SMS, MMS, chats & calls
  • Seamless integration with the Arkivum archive
  • 100% data integrity guarantee and an exit plan with no vendor lock-in
  • Any carrier and country; Fully eDiscovery ready

Please see the solution datasheet for more information.

If you would like one of the team to get in touch to discuss your business mobile message archiving needs, please get in touch using the form on the right.