During the week of the 22nd June, Arkivum hosted three workshop styled webinars in a range of different topics to help provide guidance on some of the key areas for effective long-term data management. See below for a description of each session, you can access all the recordings in one place by completing the form on this page.


Arkivum Workshop #1: Planning for the future; How to build a long-term data management plan

In this webinar Tom Lynam explores how to build an effective plan for long-term data management success. The session covers a broad range of topics including preservation considerations (including green preservation), how to quantify value in your planning and a showcase of various best practice approaches and maturity models.


Arkivum Workshop #2: Digital preservation of documents and emails

In this webinar Arkivum CTO and CO-Founder, Matthew Addis, will look at some of the approaches and techniques that can be applied to preserving office documents and emails. We’ll look at how digital preservation techniques can be used to provide easy online access as well as protecting document and email content for the future.


Arkivum Workshop #3: Data accessibility; do you need to be able to access everything?

As more and more born-digital content is created, data accessibility is only going to grow in importance. But how many organisations truly consider the implications and complexities around making your data accessible?