Webinar - Preserving data from retired systems

When manufacturers build medical devices and instruments for labs, the system development life cycle includes system retirement planning. Instruments are taken out of service due to migration of use to a new technology or system or due to retirement of the system by the manufacturer. This in turn leads to IT teams disconnecting the instrument from a lab's infrastructure to maintain security protocols, leaving the data siloed.

However, the legacy data generated by that platform still needs to be managed for years, decades or perhaps indefinitely. 

  • How do you retain access to the original data and audit trails if requested for audit?
  • How can you retain access for use in further scientific study?
  • How can you prove that you are meeting mandatory regulations in regards to these data?

Organisations face a frustrating issue in this case when the data is in a proprietary format and can be viewed only by the application software that comes with the instrument as the software will run on an old unsupported operating system and old unsupported hardware.

Join Arkivum and Jon Mangion, Head of Bioinformatics at Thermo Fisher Scientific for this 45 minute webinar in which we will be discussing the challenges and potential solutions for this issue.

About our guest speaker:

Dr Jonathan Mangion

Head of Data Services and Bioinformatics at Thermo Fisher Scientific


Dr Jonathan Mangion is the Head of Data Services and Bioinformatics at Thermo Fisher Scientific. He has over 25 years of experience of managing and processing scientific data for both academic and commercial organisations. With the advent of high throughput technologies managing data to ensure data integrity compliance or to enable e-discovery has become a major challenge for laboratories and Dr Mangion is developing data management solutions to allow end users to realise the value in their data.


MTI_0314 Mangion